Blog Lyfe.

Welcome to my crazy.

What even is this?!***

About a year ago   many years ago, I began a journey of self awareness, brokenness and healing before the Lord.  For a long time I was afraid and ashamed to share what I’ve been through, mostly as a Christian.  A lot of memories I’d forgotten until the Holy Spirit revealed them to me.  While I was privileged to live a life with good memories, oftentimes I tried my hardest to forget and shove down all my bad and shameful ones. And you know, it worked for the longest time!  My life was practically perfect in every way!
…then God showed up. I had to be real. Now we’re here.

On this journey I’ve realized I’ve been through quite a bit in my decades on this Earth… but, there wasn’t ever a time spent alone.  Every single moment the Lord was with me.

He has grown me up.
He has delivered me.
He has comforted me.
He has revealed Himself to me
And He has revealed myself…to myself.

For all of this HE is due some props and extreme amounts of honor and glory.

That’s what this blog is all about.  It is helping me share my testimony and show you my Lord through it all.

So, you could call it a memoir.  You could call it blog.  But just don’t call it late for dinner! #cornmuffin.



***What even is this?!: Please be advised: after a unanimous decision of… 2 persons (see here), it was decided the 22nd of November in the year of our Lord 2015 that these blog posts would henceforth be known forevermore as Monzi’s.

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