Thug Lyfe.

Welcome to my disclaimer.


God. Family. Football.

I think the best memoir titles are 3 words or less that describe the person. When I was thinking of 3 words to describe me… all I could think of was The Best Man Holiday when one of the main characters books was entitled “God. Family. Football”

Those are not my words.

While I do love all those things ((GO BUFFALO BILLS!)) the best words that I feel describe me are

  1. Music ((I literally don’t know what I’d do without it))
  2. Roots ((the movie and also the content of Black History and my history))
  3. Jesus. ((My Savior, My Messiah, My God))

I feel like all 3 of these things have had significant roles in my life and have shaped me as a person. ((Yes, there’s more to it obviously! but I’ve only got 3 words! Chill, bro.))

With that being said: YOU’RE CHOOSING TO READ MY BLOG.  

Please understand that I’m not perfect ((nor you)) and if there’s something you don’t like, don’t agree with or don’t understand… don’t get comment crazy alright?!

I love sparking conversation and I want you to feel comfortable to express yourself but…

  1. don’t make it weird.
  2. don’t cop an attitude.
  3. comment nicely with others.
  4. don’t make me have to enforce my pimp hand.

You don’t have to like me…but you gotta respect the blog, homie!


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