“Black or White”

HAPPY THROWBACK THURSDAY, friends!  In case you haven’t noticed by now, I like to name blog-moir posts after song titles. As soon as I figured out this mem-blog subject… I knew immediately what artist to choose from: MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON!
…you’re welcome.
In spite of the song, however, we will not be discussing race at this time.

Warning: This blog is about the actual colors of black and white… not race issues. I, REPEAT: We will not be discussing racial affairs in this post. Stop texting Al Sharpton. Put your hashtags away. Please exit all windows accordingly. 

what a stud ❤

Recently I had a meeting with THE Lorenzo Agnes ((ch-ch-ch-check out his lyfe immediately if not sooner!)) Apparently, I said something that he thought was quite profound.  My version went a little something like this:

“Grace is in the Gray!”

He,  in all his wisdom, said I should pose it as a question and post it to the mem-blog! I believe his  improved 2.0 iVersion went a little something like…:

“The gray area is where grace resides…”
((those South Africans have such a way with words!))

Nevertheless!  In life, there are obvious black and white areas. However, I also believe not everything is cut, dry in black and white.  Grey/Gray areas do exist.  There’s always more to any situation than what meets the eye whether we choose to believe it or not.  My question to you is, when do black and white collide? Is this where grace is presented? Or is it grace which makes black and white merge into grey/gray? Is there ever a time when grace, itself, is the black or white issue? What about in this US- Syrian refugee situation?  Where does the black, white, grey, gray, grace come into play there? Oh, you didn’t see that comin’ did ya?! 

What say you!?
Be a voice.
But respect the blog, homie!


In Conclusion

  1.  I guess this post is kind of about racial affairs.  Woops. My bad Al Sharpton.
  2. LEAVE A MESS AT THE BOTTOM! I’d love to hear your thoughts
  3. Grace
  4. God is still so so so good.
  5. I have to end on 5’s or 0’s. #ocd.

“I’ve seen the bright get duller
I’m not gonna spend my life being a color”
Michael Jackson

#tbt to the one time where I was both Black and White.

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